Do YOU have a BFF yet?

You don’t know what a Snooter-doot is? Where have you been?? Snooter-doots are THE perfect felted-wool BFF for the young and the young at heart!

Snooter-doots are uniquely handcrafted, whimsical softies inspired by nature, featuring vegetables, bugs, birds, fish, and fantasy and food creatures – all with wonderful, wonky eyes!


Call us softies; call us whimsies; call us art-dolls; call us collectibles. Just call us! We have tons of personality, with our own names and birthdays, and we’re looking for good homes.
Snooter-doots are all hand-knit to shape in natural fibers, like wool, alpaca, and llama, then fulled (wet-felted), and stuffed with fiberfill. Our whimsical wool eyes are attached by needle-felting.

Visit our online ADOPTION CENTER here to choose a collectible softie for yourself, or as a gift – we’ll ship your new BFF for you! Or, check out our upcoming APPEARANCES (art fairs & festivals) for the opportunity to adopt your new felted-wool art-doll in person (they’re fun to touch). Snooter-doots are also available from select retailers; see the list in our APPEARANCES section.

Got pets? CLICK HERE to find our Kittie Karrots w/ Katnip, or Doggie ‘Doots for your four-legged friends.

We are social creatures! Join Snooter-doots on Facebook for fun and games (and sometimes prizes)! Follow our tweets on Twitter; you never know when a new, collectible Snooter-doot will be ready for adoption.

Felted Wool, Softie, Whimsey, Whimsical, art doll, collectible, handcrafted Felted Wool, Softie, Whimsey, Whimsical, art doll, collectible, handcrafted Felted Wool, Softie, Whimsey, Whimsical, art doll, collectible, handcrafted

Rumors of their existence started circulating about 25 years ago, but they were never seen.
Until now.

Poppity The Squirrel, a good friend to the Snooter-doots, heard about a particularly animal-friendly and creative HumanFolk in Seattle who could act as their ambassador if they chose to reveal themselves again. Their last association with HumanFolk was so long ago the actual date is lost in the mists of history.

After much heated discussion, The Ol’ Bix (the sage crone in their corner of the Great Woods whom they respected greatly), finally convinced the Snooter-doots that HumanFolk were starting to think carefully about the environment, its creatures and their care again. So, the Snooter-doots agreed that it was time to emerge and share their worlds again. Their mission now is to inspire smiles, foster friendships, promote positivity, and, to just look cool on the couch.